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Thermomix Mallorca – our recommendation

Thermomix Mallorca – our recommendation

Many clients already own the Thermomix in their home in Germany or elsewhere and would not want to miss it in their second home on Mallorca. This “miracle device” is also very popular with many German and Spanish residents. Among Spaniards every 4th household has a Thermomix – this is even more than in Germany. Since 2015 Sandra Backwinkel is the official Thermomix representative on Mallorca. Experience live and free of charge in your home here on the island what the Thermomix can do and order from Sandra simply and easily.

You will receive the device in the language you want to and with service. Sandra will give you a personal introduction in German, English or Spanish. You will also receive an introduction video “First steps, tips and tricks with the Thermomix”. Sandra’s motto is: Reliable, punctual & fast with German service!

Sandra Backwinkel
C./ Pere Bennassar Rector 50
07141 Marratxi
Tel. +34 60 22 19 0 55


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