Surrounding Palma

Surrounding Palma
The surrounding from Palma delights with localities and quarters like Son Vida, Es Molinar, Portixol plus Genova: In and around Palma rural flair comes upon with busy city life.

The surrounding from Palma de Mallorca was one of the first regions of the Balearic island that was touristically developed – with good reason! Not very far from the feisty capital, several water parks with pools and giant slides open their doors. One of the biggest water parks is the “Aqualand” in El Arenal that unites altogether 16 attractions under its roof. Further excursion destinations in the surrounding from Palma like the “Marineland” with its dolphin- and sea lions-shows or the “Palma Aquarium” enjoy great popularity. One of the most popular cynosures is the “Safaripark” in Magaluf, which visitors can admire off one’s own bat or as part of led tours.

This big choice of leisure-time possibilities and the direct connection on the capital distinguish the surrounding from Palma as a region that comes over big by people seeking for a property. Based on the proximity to the biggest economic centre of Mallorca afford countless possibilities to pay subsistence. Additionally benefit inhabitants in the surrounding from Palma from varied dating- and shopping possibilities that exist in Palma de Mallorca. The international airport is achieved within shortest time. Best conditions for a bath in the sun or for exercising of aquatic sport are given in nearby localities like El Arenal or Can Pastilla.

Son Vida and Genova: The home of Mallorquin golf games and superb restaurants

Not very far from Palma de Mallorca, the small locality Son Vida is enthroned above island’s capital. Son Vida is a centre of golf, because the oldest and still subsisted golf course is at home in this village. Well-heeled and prominent golfers meet in this facility to play the game on the today’s 18-whole-golfcourse. This golf facility is closely connected with the building history of the erstwhile manor in the today’s Castillo Son Vida, where reside many enthusiastic golfers to enjoy luxury life.

Genova is another attractive suburban of the island’s capital that preserved its unspoilt charm until today. This locality distributes a nearly rural flair, where high-quality restaurants make their way for cosy establishments with moderate menu-prices. Genova turns out to be a quiet picturesque village that is only a stone’s throw away from Palma de Mallorca. This mixture of central position and originality lends this suburban its special character that treasure above all inhabitants, who love quietness.

Portixol and Es Molinar: From fishermen’s village to a scene-quarter

The erstwhile fisherman’s village Portixol is a further suburban from Palma de Mallorca, which is just two kilometres distant from the centre and achievable over the Paseo Maritimo. In the past years big investments were effected to refurbish the houses in Portixol. Today this suburban established as sought hotspot with exclusive atmosphere. Because also bordering quarters like Ciutad Jardin or Es Molinar delight today as admired main residential areas of Mallorquins.

Above all regions like Portixol plus Es Molinar changed to modern hotspots that were constructed around eponymous coves. Private investors prevented the expansion of big shopping-centres, so that these both quarters didn’t suffer a loss on their Mediterranean flair. Today inhabitants enjoy a chequered choice on restaurants, to which belong trendy establishments like the “Minimar”. The newly constructed 16 kilometres long beach promenade connects Es Molinar plus Portixol with El Arenal and Palma. Presumably these both quarters are ideal examples on Mallorca, which prove that a combination of pedestrian-friendly infrastructure plus careful refurbishment delights the native and international audience.

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