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The town itself offers some historically interesting sights, including the pretty little church ‘Iglesia de Santa Maria Robines’, a fine example of 18th century Baroque. The famous statues in front of it symbolise wine making. In the adjacent lively main square called ‘Plaza de la Iglesa’ you can stroll through the market every Friday morning and enjoy music and dancing in the summer evenings. Binissalem hosts a variety of interesting events and, of course, there are plenty of wine routes and wine cellars to visit. In addition, the town’s impressive vintage festivals attract thousands of visitors from all parts of Mallorca to Binissalem every year. For example, the locals not only celebrate the village festival of Sant Jaume on 25.07, but also the “Fideus des Vermar” grape harvest festival, on a Thursday before the grape harvest. The Festa de Vermar also takes place on the last Sunday in September, when the streets of the tranquil village fill with parades, music and dances, grape fights are fought and huge quantities of wine are tasted. Our restaurant tip: Terra di Vino is located in the centre of the beautiful village near the main square, where the church of Santa María de Robines is located and the local weekly market takes place.
The restaurant with its beautiful and modern decoration creates a nice atmosphere for you to enjoy a delicious Italian meal.


Binissalem is an ideal place for people with an appetite for a little ‘agritourism’, perhaps staying in a fine country hotel or simply looking to relax in nature. Birdwatchers will get their money’s worth here and there are also many other exciting excursions and sights within a 30-minute drive. The beaches of Soller, Pollensa and Alcudia are close enough for a day trip, as are the spectacular Tramuntana mountains.

After an extensive stroll through the streets, past the stone houses and hidden squares of Binissalem, it’s also a great place to discover the hidden Mallorca, called ‘La Otra Mallorca’, which remains closed to many tourists. In the surrounding lowlands, you can go on relatively easy hiking and cycling tours. And since the distant mountain ranges always remain in sight, you don’t have to miss out on spectacular views.

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The municipality of Binissalem is located in the centre of the island and has a total of 7,500 inhabitants. Wine has been cultivated on Mallorca since 121 BC, at the time of the Roman occupation. Binissalem was one of the first places to grow grapes and the quality of Mallorcan wines had such a good reputation that it was even mentioned by the famous philosopher and scholar ‘Pliny the Elder’. The wine production survived the occupation by the more moderate Moors, but then fell victim to a phylloxera plague in the 19th century. Binissalem adapted to this by planting almond trees and exporting agricultural equipment to countries like France.

Binissalem also made a name for itself producing fine works in wood and stone, and quarries are still in operation not far from the town. Wine production resumed towards the end of the 19th century and Binissalem was the first wine-growing area to be awarded the DO (Denominacion de Origen) designation of origin in 1991.

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