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Spanish tradition on New Year’s Eve – 12 grapes on midnight

Spanish tradition on New Year’s Eve – 12 grapes on midnight

Experience the emotional ambience and the cheerful atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve festival in Spain and Mallorca, which lasts until the early hours of the morning. Receive the New Year by eating the so called lucky grapes to the bell chimes – a tradition deeply rooted in the Spanish culture that you should not miss. You don’t know it yet?

12 grapes, one after the other, in time with the bells that strike midnight – with this tradition deeply rooted in the culture of the country, the Spaniards celebrate the arrival of the new year. Whoever eats all the grapes in time expects a year of prosperity and happiness. So there is no excuse not to spend this magical moment in Spain. A very entertaining experience awaits you, which you will certainly remember forever.

After dinner, you can sit around the television with your friends or relatives as the midnight bells are broadcast live throughout the country. You can also spend this special night in one of the many hotels or restaurants that host New Year’s Eve celebrations, which offer a special menu and grapes, as well as good music and atmosphere. An important note: reserve your table in advance.

If you have the opportunity, however, you should be at the scene of the event and actively participate in this event to the beat of the last bells of the year. In many towns and villages people gather in one place to enjoy these minutes of joy together. At the nearest tourist office you will find everything you need to know about this topic.

One place in Spain, however, is particularly linked to this tradition: the clock on the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid. Thousands of people, mainly groups of friends and young people with hats, trunks, trumpets, masks and jokes, go to this central point of the Spanish capital every New Year’s Eve to greet the New Year. After the grape ritual, exuberant cheerfulness spreads and transforms the square into a huge collective party where confetti, streamers and music dominate the scene. Let yourself be carried away by the crowds. Let the champagne cork pop and toast with your friends and the surrounding people.

The night has only just begun. You can expect long hours of serenity and pleasure. Bars, pubs and discos usually have their own parties where you can dance until dawn. But the streets are also one big party. Laughter, fun, groups of young people and music besiege the city; drivers greet the new year with a horn concert. Let yourself be infected by this exuberant atmosphere. You will not regret it. If your body is in the mood and your strength hasn’t left you yet, then you should definitely end the night with a hot chocolate and the typical churros (a kind of shortbread) before going to bed.

This is one of the many possibilities Spain offers you at Christmas. During this time of year, the streets of the city are illuminated and decorated with Christmas decorations, Christmas carols can be heard everywhere and the atmosphere is magical and special. Especially for the children who receive gifts from the Three Kings of the Orient on 6 January. Christmas is a great time to visit Spain with your family or friends.

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