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Does the coronavirus have a positive effect on Mallorca’s nature?

Posted by Sandra on 16.04.2020

Since the lockdown due to the coronavirus in China, it has been reported that residents wake up to a sunny, clear sky instead of the usual grey smog that clouds their cities. The Chinese capital Beijing, which is usually covered by a thin layer of clouds, is now a brighter and much cleaner place to live. This may be due to mass travel bans and factory suspensions under the outbreak of the corona virus, which has led to a decline in production and factory smoke.

The question is whether the same thing could happen here due to the huge drop in transport and other activities in Mallorca. In view of the decision taken on 17 March to close Palma airport and ports, the carbon footprint will decrease and Mallorca - like China - will have the chance to regenerate.

The impact of tourism on Mallorca’s environment is a controversial issue, ranging from Philipp Baier of Cleanwave, who is fighting to reduce plastic, to environmentalists protesting on the streets. Time for change in Mallorca has been in the air for some time. So this period of isolation could give Mallorca’s oceans, fields and mountain trails time to recover, take a break from human activity and breathe.
People from Venice report that they saw swans and dolphins in their channels, swimming in water so clear that fish were visible. Also on Mallorca, dolphins passing by had been seen several times now in different beeches - something that rarely happens otherwise due to the high density of shipping traffic. Hopefully we will feel this effect and the regeneration of the waters and the sea animals here on Mallorca as well - it would at least be a positive ray of hope in these difficult times.


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