What is the Corona situation in Mallorca – Status 01.09.2021

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Posted by Sandra on 1.09.2021

The Corona situation in Mallorca is easing

A topic that interests many of our customers, as some have cancelled their flights in the last 2 months because of this. The federal government declared Mallorca a high-risk area on 27 July 2021. Since then, however, the incidences have been steadily decreasing. Since 29 August 2021, Mallorca has therefore no longer been classified as a high-risk area from a German perspective.

The excellent vaccination record is particularly noteworthy. The Balearic government estimated the fully vaccinated population on the islands on Wednesday, 01.09.2021 at 75.98 percent. In Germany, the number of fully vaccinated people on Tuesday 31.08.2021 was 60.6 per cent, in Austria 58.28 per cent (as of Tuesday) and in Switzerland and Liechtenstein 51.66 per cent.
Switzerland and Liechtenstein at 51.66 per cent (as of Monday).

The Spanish central government gave the seven-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants for the Balearic Islands on Tuesday as 102.6 (Friday: 133.5). The 14-day incidence was 284.41 (Friday: 334.69).

The regional government of Mallorca and neighbouring islands reported 175 new coronavirus infections to Madrid for the past 24 hours on Wednesday, 1 September (previous day: 116)

135 for Mallorca (previous day: 98),
7 for Menorca (previous day: 12),
3 for Ibiza (previous day: 6) and
3 for Formentera (previous day: 0)

Excellent vaccination record in the Balearic Islands

The Corona traffic light, compiled by the Balearic Economic Circle with the inclusion of all official data, showed the occupancy rate of intensive care beds in the islands’ hospitals at 37 per cent on Monday. The general situation in the Balearic health sector was described as “excellent”, the Corona traffic light was green.

On Wednesday, 170 Corona patients were hospitalised in the hospitals of the Balearic Islands (previous day: 185). In addition, there were 64 cases in intensive care units (previous day: 67). (For comparison: the peak number of the third wave had been 140 intensive care patients on 4 February this year). The occupancy rate of the intensive care units is 18.77 per cent.

By way of background, the islands have about 1000 beds for Corona patients and 200 ICU beds. Some people who are currently in hospitals are there because they cannot be isolated at home. Last year, the maximum number of all hospital admissions at the peak of the Corona crisis on 4 April 2020 was exactly 592.

According to calculations by the economic circle “Círculo de Economía de Mallorca”, the infection rate on Monday was 0.78. (previous day: 0.77). The Corona traffic light is green.

The infection rate is a trend indicator that estimates the number of people infected by each infected person. If the infection rate is greater than 1, the virus is spreading in the region. The value of this indicator can vary greatly from day to day and is also sensitive to weekend fluctuations.

The Corona traffic light is calculated daily from data from the Balearic and Spanish Ministries of Health. It shows the infection situation on the Balearic Islands in the colours red, yellow and green.

Source: Mallorca Magazine



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