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Holiday lettings on Mallorca

Posted by Sandra on 25.09.2015

There are still a lot of questions concerning holiday lettings of Mallorca properties and many property owners still not know, whether one can use villas and apartments equally for touristic purposes. However, it already exists a tourism law, where it is explicitly noted that only detached and semi-detached houses may be rented as holiday lettings. The law doesn’t allow to rent out detached houses in residential complexes or apartments for touristic purposes.

How to get a holiday letting license for your Mallorca property

First of all you have to submit an independent declaration (declaración responsable). For this you have to fill out a document from the Ministry of Tourism: https://www.caib.es/seucaib/es/tramites/tramite/1095724/
This can be made by the owner or by a company or an agency, which got the power of attorney from the owner to do this.

To get a “holiday letting license” for your house on Mallorca, you have to fulfill a number of qualifications. The property has to be a detached or semi-detached house, offers not more than six bedrooms with maximum twelve beds and has at least one bathroom per three beds. Furthermore the owner has to offer his guests a holiday service which includes for example periodic cleaning of the accommodation during the guests’ stay, replacement of household utensils, a liability insurance, an existing instruction for the house in Spanish, Catalan and at least one foreign language, laundry service for bed and table linen as well as a 24-hour telephone service.

Submission of the independent declaration allows holiday lettings

Beside the independent declaration, some further documents are needed to apply for the holiday letting license. Among other things a description of the whole building is required, including the measurements of the individual rooms, as well as floor plans or drawings of each floor. Furthermore a copy of the liability insurance is needed as well.

If all documents are complete and in order, you should hand over the independent declaration to the Ministry of tourism and sports. Right after providing of the declaration, it is allowed to offer your property for touristic purposes.

Sometimes it can happen that there will be a check through the authority, concerning the information that you made in the independent declaration. If it turns out then that the number of qualification is not fulfilled as requested by the law, this can bring administrative penalties and the removal of your property from the register for touristic purposes. Normally these kind of evaluations will carried out not before about six months after submission of the independent declaration.


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