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Meet our Property Manager – Felipe Martinez

Posted by Sandra on 18.04.2018

Born in Chile, with a Spanish dad, I was used to the traditions through my full life, especially I remember a holiday in Majorca when I was only 4 years old, so far I could only remember the smells, the freshness of the sea and the smiles around, it was definitely the picture that deep in my subconscious developed the circumstances. Considering myself as a citizen of the world, the reason that brought me to Mallorca where far out related to Real Estate or the island itself. 15 years ago I left Chile with the intention to travel the world, after a few years living in the States I came to the idea to go back to studies, get a PH in Sociology. With the idea to homologate my career in the University of Barcelona, I took again a few weeks of holidays in Majorca to visit my family…what can I say, it was a natural Magnet, confusing at first but certain that deep inside it was the right place, no matter what, it was something that felt like home.
Left the sociology plans on hold and start to enjoy the settlement in this place we call paradise. It was a personal Journey that provided the most wonderful experiences, being a director of a Hotel, working in construction, so many contrasts that allow me nowadays to look back and appreciate the fact that we cannot quit the search until we settle our selves spiritually, intellectually and finally physically in place.
I have been working already for almost 6 years in Real Estate. It didn’t only bring me a lot of joy in business but also personal luck as I found my beautiful wife while working in this field. I have to admit I have never been so happy so far, my field is the listing of properties, I dedicate 100% of my time to this task, it is not a job, is part of my daily life, I have a profound inspiration not only for working in one of the most beautiful places in the world, is also the respect and profound admiration of so many professionals, architects, developers, designers and of course the personal touch that permit me to socialise with people everyday. It is a constant challenge not only to study the market and new properties as a daily basis, but provide my team, with the most interesting opportunities in the Island.

My team from Private Property Mallorca, which I joined in September 2014, is my second family, a group of professionals that shared the same enthusiasm, not only for the properties but also the love for this fantastic Island!
We love what we do, our motto is “WE LISTEN!” I would also like to add, “WE LIST IT!”


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