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The decision is made: The cost of new holiday rental licenses in Mallorca

Posted by Sandra on 4.07.2018

The consortium responsible has slightly reduced the tariffs proposed by the Ministry of Tourism. Payment by instalments is possible.

The prices for new holiday rental licenses in Mallorca are fixed. At its meeting on Tuesday (3 July), the CBAT consortium, which is responsible for the management of guest beds in the Balearic Islands, set the tariffs to apply after the end of the moratorium this summer. According to this, 3,500 euros are due for guest beds in holiday homes. In holiday apartments the price is 875 Euro per guest seat. For a holiday rental license for 60 days per year, the price is 291.67 euros per guest bed. The tariffs are slightly below the proposals initially presented by the Balearic Ministry of Tourism - they were slightly reduced in negotiations with the Island Council. Another new feature is that the guest beds can be paid off in five annual installments, whereby the consortium responds to a claim of the holiday landlords, as a spokeswoman of the Ministry of Tourism explains to MZ. A guest bed in the holiday home costs 700 euros per rate for the first five years, a guest bed in the holiday apartment 175 euros. The reason for the staggering is also the different periods of validity of the licenses. Accordingly, new licenses for holiday homes are still unlimited. However, permits for holiday apartments that are to be officially issued for the first time are limited to a period of five years - then the licenses are cancelled. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the same applies to permits to rent 60 days per year.

Important: The prices are only valid for new licences issued by the Balearic Ministry of Tourism in accordance with the new holiday rental regulations. This will be the case as soon as the current moratorium is expected to expire at the end of July. Existing licenses of holiday homes are protected. Until now, the rental of apartments to holidaymakers in the Balearic Islands was not officially permitted. The new rules adopted by the state government last year provide that, in principle, licences can be granted for apartments, but at the same time a number of new conditions and exceptions have been decided. The Island Council must also adopt a final version of the so-called zoning plan, which imposes different conditions on the municipalities of Mallorca. Palma has already put a stop to the rental of apartments to tourists.

Source: Mallorca Zeitung


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