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There is an opportunity in every crisis! We remain positive!

Posted by Sandra on 2.09.2020

The Corona crisis poses major challenges for the entire world. But it is especially the classic holiday countries such as Italy, Thailand, Spain or in our case Mallorca, that are hit particularly hard. Almost every week we have to struggle with new rules and orders from the government - always anxious to ensure and comply with the applicable hygiene and safety measures. Tourism is on an absolute downhill slide or has actually already reached the bottom and many tourist companies will not be around next year. Many people on the island are desperate and fear for their existence. The uncertainty is great and some people would like to have a look into the glass ball which can tell you how things should continue in the future and when everything will be “normal” again. That nothing will be the same as before is now clear to everyone, but in every crisis there are also opportunities that hopefully many will see and seize. We from Private Property Mallorca will, in addition to our actual activity as real estate agents, in the next few months, increasingly take care of charity projects on the island and help the people who are not as lucky as we are and perhaps have already lost everything. “As far as the real estate market is concerned, one almost has the feeling that the properties on Mallorca are immune to Covid-19,” says Andreas Dinges. In the upper price segment there are still hardly any discounts and the demand is still very high. The luxury real estate market is proving to be very stable even in this crisis and emergency sales have not taken place so far and are unlikely to happen. Mallorca is and will remain simply Mallorca and the Corona crisis will not change that much.
Mallorca offers a high quality lifestyle that can hardly be surpassed. Besides a sunny climate, Mallorca scores with excellent health, educational and sports facilities. The island is a safe location with an infrastructure capable of serving twice the permanent population. The desire to own a home in a naturally protected yet sophisticated and cosmopolitan environment remains and has been reinforced by COVID-19. It is clearly the first Mediterranean island that Europeans would like to return to. With this in mind, we wish all customers, friends and business partners good health and look forward to any kind of support for “our” island. Mallorca needs you!


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