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Urban Drivestyle – Electro mobility in design look is coming to Mallorca

Posted by Sandra on 3.10.2016

The objective of Urban Drivestyle Mallorca is to bring new and exiting electric and urban mobility concepts to the Mediterranean island. Besides offering e-bikes, scooters and skates the shop also have a service station in the showroom to repair your bikes. And if you do not want to buy a bike, just check-out the rental area where you find the finest electric vehicles to ride around the city. Urban Drivestyle is located in the upcoming area of Calatrava, Calle San Francesc in the heart of Palma, just seconds away from the bike lane leading through town.
Around 400,000 electrically powered cars are currently on the road worldwide, and even more electric scooters and e-bikes. This means that the number of bikes has more than doubled throughout 2013. The highest demand for such vehicles was in the U.S., Japan and China. Two factors, in particular, are expected to give electric mobility a boost: On the one hand, fuel prices will continue to rise because the availability of oil is finite, while, on the other, the rapid increase in automobile traffic worldwide is a key driver of climate change. Because there is no simple way to achieve electric mobility, manufacturers are working on a variety of solutions.

Mallorca is the perfect place for electric vehicles. With an area of 3,640.11 km² only and 80 km as the furthest distance, you will almost never run out of battery! There is also a huge trend to implement charging stations all over the island – not least because Urban Drivestyle is taking care of that matter. Lots of high end agriculturists also offer charging stations for electric vehicles now.

The Balearic government also recently discovered the importance of electric mobility and how well it fits in with Mallorca. The whole fleet of vehicles used by the council here in Mallorca will be replaced by electric ones. The initiative just started, so now there are still very few electric cars on the road, but this will change soon!
Furthermore in the whole old-town of Palma, driving is now limited to residents – unless you are driving an electric scooter; in that case you are allowed to enter. So electric scooters or e-bikes are the best way to drive around Palma after this new law.

Urban Drivestyle features the best electric vehicles there are! The M8 for example is the perfect substitute for owning a car if you live in an urban area. It not only has extremely low operation and maintenance costs, but also allows you to commute a lot faster than with a car. The M8 was designed by Ronald Meijs and is hand-assembled in Holland. It can be customized in any way you want! Visit Urban Dive Style online or visit the store directly - you will be thrilled!


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