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Private Property Marketing & PR

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Private Property Sales Manager

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Private Property Management

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Private Property Consultant

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Private Property Consultant

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Private Property Director Palma

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Private Property Consultant

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We are your Mallorca real estate agent,

because our motto is” We Listen “, which distinguishes us from many others!”

During our search for the best real estate for our clients, we focus purely on their ideas and wishes in a Mallorca property.

For us, the search leads from the client to the real estate, and not vice versa. We, the team of Private Property, see ourselves here as your advisor and create together with you a matching search profile, to present you a number of selected real estates even before your arrival. This saves you an unnecessary marathon of viewings!

Few years ago, as we have searched for a Mallorca real estate for ourselves, we experienced how difficult it is to find something suitable. That was the time as we decided to make it better and offer the client only properties that he is really looking for.

In recent years, we have expanded our network and made cooperations to your advantage with banks, broker colleagues, lawyers and property developers, to offer you the best service. You benefit from our connections, without additional cost for you or that the price of your future property will driven in the height.

Whether you are looking for an exclusive villa, a sea view apartment or an idyllic finca, we find YOUR perfect Mallorca property.

Our many satisfied clients and the resulting recommendations, confirmed us to continue to follow our philosophy, to find the perfect Mallorca real estate for our client, which feels like tailor-made for him.

We are looking forward to meet you!
Your team of Private Property Mallorca

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