OPEN HOUSE PALMA Architecture Festival

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Posted by Krystian Matkiewicz on 31.10.2023
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OPEN HOUSE PALMA Architecture Festival

Each year, for one weekend, more than 60 buildings and spaces that are typically closed or hidden from the public are made accessible free of charge. These structures all share the common trait of being the finest examples of architecture and design in Palma.

This event is diverse and multidisciplinary, welcoming everyone. Open House Palma embodies the spirit of opening up the city, architecture, and heritage to all residents, social organizations, technicians, and professionals. It fosters cross-sector involvement with associations and social groups, strengthening the social fabric by encouraging civic participation and promoting engagement and dialogue among different social strata, age groups, and professional backgrounds.

As a member of the international Open House Worldwide network, Open House Palma actively participates and collaborates in the promotion and preservation of the city’s architecture, heritage, urban planning, and landscape.

Open House Palma will celebrate its 3rd edition from November 6 to 12, 2023.

Open House Palma is a non-profit and charitable initiative organized by the Cultural Association Open House Palma. Its primary objective is to encourage and share the architectural heritage of the city of Palma with the public, understanding it as a vital element of our culture. Culture and heritage serve as the foundation of collective memory, playing a crucial role in shaping our social identity. The association comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds, including architecture, art history, cultural heritage management, design, and communication.

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