February in Mallorca & the Corona situation calms down

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Posted by Sandra on 11.02.2022

Fancy a little trip into spring?

The change is already upon us, the days are getting longer and spring is already in the air. The almond blossom is in full swing on no less than 4 million trees on the island - and the sunshine of the last few weeks has made everyone’s heart beat faster. People have been sitting in the sun at lunchtime in T-shirts, families have been having picnics on the beach, a few brave ones have been in the sea too, the seafront promenades have been full of walkers - this is winter on Mallorca. The islanders usually welcome the start of Lent with a big carnival in Palma and smaller celebrations in towns and villages (at non-Corona times, of course). It’s a wonderful way to experience Spanish joie de vivre at this time of year, while winter is still dragging on in northern Europe. Now is an opportune time to book a relaxing hotel stay at a lower price, allowing you to get to know Mallorca’s breathtaking nature better and experience the capital without the usual crowds.

The weather in February has so far been even better than in January: sunnier and warmer. The heavy rains of last November are long forgotten. Due to the increased hours of sunshine and longer days, February feels more pleasant for many. Also, the Corona situation has eased a lot on the island. The mask in the open air has ended since Thursday 10 February, children are finally allowed to leave their masks in the classroom in the schoolyards and the 3G rule in restaurants etc. has been abolished (there was never a 2G rule in Mallorca). So all in all, a reason to come to the island soon.

With an average of 6 hours of sunshine a day and mild temperatures, Valentine’s Day is also a tempting time for a romantic getaway to the island, in addition to the almond blossom.


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