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Help for small businesses in Mallorca

Help for small businesses in Mallorca

In times of Corona you have to help the small, local companies on Mallorca who continue to offer their goods & services to secure their existence – for many a difficult undertaking and some will probably never get back on their feet. The people here have become extremely creative, solidary and helpful in the last weeks and various platforms have been formed to inform people living in Mallorca or people who love Mallorca about how they can support the local trade and tourism. Who currently delivers what, where, how and how fast? Can I buy vouchers and much more. In times of crisis we have to stick together and use our creativity to find suitable solutions for the future of our favourite island.

Of course there are a lot of shops, service providers and companies that need help and everybody can do his on their part – every Euro helps! In the last few weeks the group HOPE MALLORCA has been formed on Facebook, for example, which focuses exactly on this help and has already grown to well over 1000 members! Here you can find out who needs support or you can offer your own services there. In the last weeks during the lockdown we had some birthdays of employees and wanted to give a little joy. We have been made aware of the Gasacla Mallorca shop by friends. It is located at the Playa de Palma and actually only lives from the tourists who will not come there in the next months. The entire source of income for this Spanish family is on the brink and they try to keep their heads above water with online orders. The service worked perfectly – Guillermo, the owner, responded within a very short time, delivered on time and packed the perfect gifts. We would order again there anytime! Please help! Support Mallorca – #supportyourlocal!

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