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No more quarantine for Swiss on the return flight from Mallorca

No more quarantine for Swiss on the return flight from Mallorca

Switzerland has changed its strategy and is thus taking a completely different approach to Germany. Only those countries that are worse affected by the corona pandemic than Switzerland itself have been classified as risk areas. As the incidence in Mallorca is lower than in Switzerland, the 10-day quarantine has been lifted. The risks in Majorca are much lower than in Germany and in most regions of Germany the levels are much higher than on the island. It is of course more than questionable whether quarantine still makes sense in this case, but due to the current government regulation, Mallorca remains a risk area for Germany. On the current list of states and areas with an increased risk of infection there are therefore only certain regions in France and the countries Andorra, Armenia, Belgium and the Czech Republic, but not Spain.

Germany and Spain have been working for some time on the introduction of a “safe travel corridor” such as the one just set up in the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are no longer a risk area and tourists from Germany require a negative PCR test from their home country on arrival at the airport or hotel.The rapid antigen tests are also accepted. We really hope that the politicians will not take too long to put this into force. The Balearic Islands and its inhabitants would appreciate this a lot!

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