Port Adriano

Port Adriano
Port Adriano: One of the masterpieces of the designer Philippe Starck.

Port Adriano: A jet set life on a place, where is nothing to be wanting.

This exclusive jet set harbour carries the thumbprint of the designer Philippe Starck. The good position of this harbour turns out to be extremely advantageous. Because this harbour terrain is at home in the southwest of Mallorca between Santa Ponsa plus Sol de Mallorca and just 20 minutes distant from Palma.

In contrast to the most other yacht harbours of the island this in the year 2012 opened area appears as consistently avant-garde terrain, which opens to the Mediterranean and whose light gray mall is decorated with lanterns that distribute living room-ambience. In fact the Port Adriano remembers on a symbiosis of cool design, boat bridge, upper gastronomy plus a shopping oasis that submits a shopping expedition in exclusive boutiques by maritime flair.

Port Adriano: The most luxurious yacht harbour on Mallorca?

The former in the 1970s opened Port Adriano was converted for a price from about 90 millions euro with the aim to celebrate its reopening as most luxurious yacht harbour from Mallorca. Truly this harbour terrain is no berth like any other, whose undisputed highlight is the 250 metres long two-storeyed white building along the mole. This building accommodates all bars, cafés, yacht harbours or real estate agencies that correspond with strict aesthetic instructions. After all visitors shouldn’t linger in conventional cafés or bars on the Port Adriano, but these establishments must live up to highest expectations. This exclusiveness also mirrors in other attractions like a store of the Spanish mall El Corte Inglés or two art galleries. Furthermore several shopping facilities for daily needs are accessible on foot from Port Adriano, even like an international school.

This interaction underlines the important meaning of Port Adriano as admired residential area that leaves with its gastronomic offers nothing to be desired. Ice-cafés, trattoria and steak-houses invite their guests to menus of the extraordinaire, whose typical-subcooled atmosphere was chosen consciously and that ties on the design-concept of Philippe Starck. Anything but typical Mallorquin is one on the Port Adriano located annexe of the iconic restaurant “Sansibar” on Sylt, where currywurst and wine like a Robert-Weil-Riesling are served with a view on the yacht harbour. And this concept seems to realize. Contemporary about 50 percent of the berths belong to German owners of yachts.

On the Port Adriano resides the crème de la crème

Port Adriano is a Mallorquin residential area for rich inhabitants, who can use the berths for extremely big yachts with a size until 60 metres. The surface for anchoring the boats is 25.000 scare metres tall and offers space for altogether 82 motorboats and yachts all year long. The high standard of this residential area mirrors in the rental charges for the berths that start by yearly rates from 45.000 euro for the smallest boats. Who wants to accommodate a sixty metres long yacht all year long, disburses this luxury with a price from about 280.000 euro.

An extraordinary aspect of this harbour is the underground parking-systems of the yachts. Flamboyant is also the form of refuelling that will be realized directly on the jetty on the Port Adriano. Skipper get, as desired, own connections for Wi-Fi, Sat-TV or telephone. Another feature entails in special wells for cable conduits.

All these components contribute that Port Adriano advanced to one of the most luxurious and distinguished residential areas, which is exclusively concepted for well-heeled inhabitants. Despite the hypothermic flair plus the maritime avant-garde concept it doesn’t lack Port Adriano on feeling well ambience and chances for relaxing and enjoying.

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