Investment properties Mallorca

A look on the development of the real estate market in the past years shows that properties on Mallorca are of stable value. In opposite to the price level on the Spanish mainland, on Mallorca a pricewise uptrend is recognisable. Because of this continual increase in value, renovation objects form an encouraging investment on Mallorca. Nevertheless, the choice of the right property is of a deciding issue.

To realize potential investment plans, you should count on the consult of competent experts. Thereby it doesn’t matter, if you want to rebuild a historic palace into a smart business-hotel, if you want to refurbish an old mansion in best position on the sea or if you want to plan the project-development of a shopping-centre – professional support is essential for a successful realisation of each project.

If you apply to Private Property Mallorca, you decide for an experienced expert in this segment on your side, because we already capably supported many investors on their search for a suitable object. In addition we lend you a helping hand, if you want to tie first contacts to distinguished project-managers and competent lawyers or innovative architects.

For reasons of discretion we don’t represent you numerous properties on our website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us that we can introduce you potential objects.

Bank repossessions & distressed sales

Because we also want to offer keen properties on Mallorca to our customers, our portfolio contains realties from bank repossessions and distressed sales. One important reason could be a planned remediation or resale of these objects. Besides valuable properties on Mallorca this market segment established here. That’s why we make available a special category to our clients, in which we represent distressed sales and other attractive properties from bank repossessions. Regarding to this problem, it is to notice that the quality of photos of these properties very often doesn’t conform with the photo-quality of our other objects.

Because we unexceptionally represent the interests of buyers by disposal of these objects, buyers have to pay the courtage. Because of that reason we request all interests to prove their identity in a trustworthy way and carve a deal with us about the courtage, before we become active. Are these conditions fulfilled, we gladly inform you about details to several properties from bankruptcies plus distressed sales.

Above we want to point out that the so-called outer commission, which is charged from us in the amount of six percent (plus valid VAT tax), exclusively is accrued in case of success and only for bank properties and absolute distressed sales. Because we regularly don’t get a commission for these distressed sales, as a rule, and we offer these realties to a reduced price, the inquiry of this commission is no general disadvantage for you as a costumer. By classical investments normally no separate commission or courtage accrues, because in this case these services are included in the buying price. You got more questions and need detailed information to our objects? Please feel free to contact us!

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