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Biogranja La Real – health food store & allotment at Secar de la Real Monastery

Posted by Sandra on 16.07.2015

The concept of allotment gardening (in spanish“Mini Huertos”) is little-known on Mallorca, but this form of leisure activity is growing (pardon the pun) in the course of the increasing trend globally towards ‘bio’. As an international melting pot, Mallorca is ideally placed to play a pioneering role. Some progressive Mallorcan farmers have recognized the market potential and are offering garden plots (allotments), in addition to producing food for their organic food shops. One example is the visually beautiful allotment maze of eco-farm Biogranja La Real near Monastery Secar de La Real in the vicinity of Establiments (Palma).
Each of the garden plots measures 4.5 square meters. Forty-three little patches are laid out neatly and uniformly against the silhouette of the monastery. In the soil of each allotment stands a sign, bearing the name of the tenant. Many Spaniards as well as British and Germans, are among the gardening enthusiasts. The monthly rent per parcel is €50 which includes gardening and plant seeding based on an annual rental contract.
The company La Real Biogranja S.L. is run by three members: Manuel “Manino” González, Joan Aguiló and Carlos Velasco. The agricultural land surrounding the gardens belongs to the family of Joan Aguiló, who is also dedicated to the raising of livestock, horses, and crops. In the rooms of the organic farm Yoga classes as well as organic cooking classes and nutrition seminars are held. The buildings, which date from the 13th to 17th centuries, also house an art gallery, run by Joan’s sister Victoria. But also for children it’s a great location - in the teaching garden the children learn about organic farming and you can also celebrate children’s birthdays with a petting zoo in the Biogranja la Real. The on-site shop offers everything your „organic-heart“ desires: packaged goods from renowned organic companies, herbs, beverages, cosmetics, detergents as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Biogranja La Real
Secar de la Real (behind Palmaplanas Hospital)
Tel: +34 971 254 195
Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday, 10.00 – 20.00 h


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