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Fancy some “luxury” in Mallorca?

Posted by Sandra on 3.02.2021

In this interview (January 2021), our CEO Andreas Dinges and Willi Plattes from European Accounting talk about the new understanding of luxury, Mallorca’s real estate market and the situation on the island as well as the changes brought about by Corona! Exciting topics with real experts and of course comprehensive info on the topic of taxes.

What is luxury?

For the typical German, luxury tends to have a negative connotation and one thinks of marble, the Ferrari in the garage or golden taps. For Spaniards or people living on Mallorca, however, luxury has a different definition here:

One enjoys the lightness of being, the pleasurable food in a great atmosphere, the cultivation of friendships or being there for the family. Especially since the beginning of the pandemic, people value their own four walls even more than before and “quality time” at home has become even more important. This is also reflected in the clients wishes and the more than 300 days of sunshine on the island alone contribute to their well-being.

Watch the complete video here:


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