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Holiday Rental License – The official certificate “ETV”

Posted by Sandra on 20.09.2019

Owners of existing holiday rental licenses (ETV) may consider themselves lucky. Also, because it increases the value of the property. If you wish to rent your property, you must apply to the Ministry of Tourism of the Balearic Government for permission to do so. It is still not easy to get and requires patience due to the many special regulations and limited allocation of licenses.

The property must be located in an area where rental is possible according to the zoning plan. An appropriate certificate must be requested from the municipality in which the property is located. In the case of an apartment in an apartment building, all the owners must first approve.

Renting is only permitted with the registration number issued. For the tourist letting of properties in Mallorca without a valid holiday rental license fines of € 20,000 to € 40,000 are imposed. Certain conditions must be fulfilled to be allowed to let the property: The property must be at least five years in private ownership and it may not be a social housing. In addition, it must have a certificate of habitation (Cédula de habitabilidad) and proof of energy efficiency. If your property is located in an apartment building, it must have individual water and electricity meters. There must be at least one bathroom for four guest beds. The total number of properties for rent per owner is limited to three.

If the conditions for a permit are met, the landlord can purchase tourist places from the Mallorcan guest bed exchange. However, each guest bed in the property is calculated individually. Finally, the “Declaration of commencement of a tourist activity” must be submitted to the Directorate-General for Tourism in the Ministry of Tourism. This can be requested and completed directly from the Ministry or downloaded from the website.

The zone plan divides the island into different areas. On the one hand, there are the tourist “non-saturated” places where renting is basically permitted. In “saturated” coastal communities, rental is only permitted under certain conditions. Also in “fragile” places in the center of the island. Special regulations apply to rural areas, which are also divided into different categories with stricter and less stringent requirements.

In future, it will be possible to check by app whether a flat or house is legally rented out. With the registration number, the name of the accommodation and the location, tourists should be able to find out by “Holiday rental check Mallorca” whether the holiday domicile has a valid permit or not.

Source: Mallorca Magazine


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