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New Holiday Rental Law for the Balearic Islands

Posted by Sandra on 7.02.2017

Many owners from holiday apartments will be forced to leave Airbnb. In order to regulate the situation of holiday rentals in Mallorca, a bill has been submitted that could enter into force by next April 2017. According to the new regulations, landlords would have to pay about 600 – 1000€ per tourist (not per apartment), in addition to fulfilling many other requirements that we explain below:

Requirements to be able to rent a holiday apartment in Balearic Islands:

1. Holiday rentals only in certain areas: The Consell and Cort will define in which areas you can have a tourist flat. It will be determined in which neighbourhoods, streets or towns it is legal to have accommodation for the holiday rental. In addition there will be a maximum number of places according to the zone.
2. Have the permission of the community of neighbours: It will be necessary that the community of neighbours, by simple majority, approve the use of the apartment as vacation rental. On the contrary, renting buildings with multi-family dwellings is now prohibited.
 Another novelty is that the accommodation must have a seniority of more than 10 years and a habitability certificate.
3. Guarantee of a minimum quality: The apartments must offer the minimum benefits of other holiday accommodation, for example without any architectural barriers. It is even possible that flats without a lift may be excluded from holiday rentals. In addition they will have to offer a cleaning service, 24 hour telephone calls, to have an individual water meter, equipped kitchen, to be insured and to have the certificate stated they are energy efficient.
4. Pay per tourist place. Each square that is regularised will cost between 600 and 1000 euros. But beware, that by tourist we do not refer to the how many rooms there are, but to how many tourists can stay in the flat. Many thanks to ezebee for this article! Ezebee.com is a Mallorca based online marketplace for small businesses to be able to sell worldwide for fair prices. On ezebee.com you can find all sorts of products & services from Mallorca and all over the world! They also have their own ezebee Mallorca News blog which is the place to find any info you need about Mallorca, events, places to visit and business on the island.


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