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Now officially – Estate Sa Granja in Esporles is for sale

Posted by Sandra on 13.03.2017

La Granja de Esporles is a mixture of stately and rustic styles, as it was used as a stately home but also as a farm estate (a possessió) with over a hundred crafts within its boundaries. This combination of the stately and agricultural worlds gives La Granja de Esporles a unique charm. 500 years of history are presented on the old estate in a kind of open-air museum. Located in a green mountain valley, the historic property is renowned for its performances: historical costumes allow visitors to experience the traditional craftsmanship and lifestyle of the rural Majorca of the past. The present-day manor house, including a restaurant, a botanical garden and the emblematic arch verandah, dates from the 17th century.

The estate that La Granja de Esporles now occupies, was already very highly valued by the Romans because of the great flow of the spring, and even today it features a magnificent thirty-foot high natural waterfall. It was also of great interest to the Arabs who ruled the island from the 10th to the 13th centuries. The La Granja Esporles is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Majorca and, therefore, many can not believe that this will be not possible anymore in the future. The estate, which dates back to the Middle Ages, has around 100,000 square meters of open space, open-air museum, restaurant, bar, botanical garden, ponds and numerous antiques. The finca is regularly visited by school classes for history lessons and holiday groups. The owner Cristobal Segui has now put the estate for sale for 17 million euros. The reason is the long-standing legal dispute with the Balearic government. Similar farms of this kind are financed or at least supported by the government, while allegedly he is paying for all maintenance and restorations from his own pocket. He has been complaining about this unfair competition for a long time and does not want to accept it any further. According to our information, La Granja will be open until further notice at normal times. Even already booked events throughout the year will be held as planned. Contact us today and ask for the full exposé of this extraordinary country estate.


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