We are your expert for the sale of superb Mallorca properties

Do you own a unique Mallorca property in a sought-after location and would like to sell it for the best possible price? Then we, from Private Property, would like to be your estate agent of confidence. We provide you with professional advice regard-ing the optimal and realistic pricing of your property as well as detailed information on tax and legal issues, so we can ensure a smooth purchase process.

How do we manage that?

We generate new and affluent clients for your property, for example, on top events such as golf tournaments or exclusive gala events with partners like Rolls-Royce, German Bank Luxembourg or the jeweler Bucherer. We are also often supported by VIPs, such as the popular German TV host and entertainer Thomas Gottschalk, on one of our tapas evenings.

In addition, we invest many thousands of euros in the proper placement of our web-site for example, for Google, just to find the right buyer for your property.

Since we always have very close contact with our clients, we know exactly the needs and demands for their desired Mallorca property. Accordingly, we only have view-ings of your property with real buyers and avoid therefore so-called real estate tour-ism and not avail your time unnecessarily.

We are your Mallorca real estate agent!

If you, as an owner of a Mallorca property, have decided to sell, it is particularly im-portant to find a trustworthy partner who markets your property well, and who also conveys the feeling that he will help you with any questions that may occur during the sale of your property.

We from Private Property have many years experience in selling of Mallorca proper-ties and can guarantee that we will advise you, always discreetly and knowledgeably, from the day of our first meeting to the final sale. Your property will be professional-ly advertised by us and presented to our customers.

Our all-round service in overview:

  • Expert assessment of your Mallorca property
  • Conscientious reviewing of your sales documents
  • Organizing of a photo shooting for the optimum viewing of your property
  • Creating a meaningful property text in two languages
  • Excellent marketing of your property on our website
  • previous plausibility check of potential buyers
  • Organize as well as implementation of viewings of your property
  • Professional sales processing
  • Compiling the sales documents
  • Examining of the official records
  • Contract negotiations
  • Preparation of the purchase contract
  • We organize the notary date and accompany you

We will, of course, always inform you immediately about innovations relating to the disposal of Mallorca properties. So for example, it is necessary to specify the energy efficiency class of a property mandatory since the 1 June 2013. If you do not have this energy certificate till now, we would like to help you with the application and certification.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a non-committal conversation today! We from Private Property are your Mallorca Real Estate Agents and look forward to meeting you in person!

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