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Our latest recommendation – Restaurant Sumaq in Santa Catalina

Posted by Sandra on 23.11.2015

Highly popular is the Peruvian restaurant in Palma de Mallorcas trendy district of Santa Catalina. Cook and owner Irene Gutierrez Humani comes from Cuzco in Peru and learned the cooking there. Since 2005 she is living now in Mallorca, opened in Summer 2013 her own restaurant and named it “Sumaq”. Sumaq is a Quechuan word meaning delicious or tasty; the name couldn’t be more appropriate for this restaurant serving lunch and dinner, year-round. Irene uses authentic ingredients from Peru, Japan, and China (another immigrant influence) in her creative fusion cuisine. We recommend sharing dishes here so that you can taste as many as possible. Reading the menu introduces you to ingredients and dishes you might not have tried or even heard of – such as unagi, causa, kataifi, takuan, and tobikos. It’s like going on a culinary adventure without having to pack a suitcase. The menu is helpfully annotated: dishes that are specifically Nikkei are highlighted; the Peruvian speciality of ‘causa’ is explained (Peruvians love potatoes; Irene uses Yukon Gold); a note about special diets (dishes can be adapted to suit particular requirements), and the occasional Irene comment (“It’s to die for!” or “Dare to try it!). The menu includes a selection of ceviches and ‘tiraditos’ (Peruvian-style raw sliced fish, inspired by sashimi), as well as meat and fish main course dishes. Irene’s vibrantly colourful Peruvian fusion cuisine tastes healthy, fresh, and delicious – as you’d expect from the quality ingredients used. It also looks good on the plate. If you can’t join the gastronomic tourists in Peru, head to Sumaq. Especially at the weekends a reservation is necessary. If you like the taste of the famous restaurants Emilio or Tokia de Lima, you will love Sumaq!

Sumaq Restaurant Palma
C/ de Cotoner 42-44, Santa Catalina
Palma de Mallorca
Tel. +34 696 526 758


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