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Posted by Sandra on 27.01.2022

The attractive real estate market in Spain and especially on Mallorca attracts a large number of investors. By means of an information and quality initiative, accompanied by a large number of well-known companies, transparency and security are created. In order to optimally structure property across countries and with consideration of the entire life cycle of a property, it is indispensable to coordinate with a competent partner in Germany. The PlattesGroup works together with Heussen Rechtsanwalts GmbH, with offices in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt, on a basis of trust. At this event, we will share our experience and knowledge with you and show that and why the acquisition of a property on Mallorca through a German partnership is the best way from a Spanish perspective as well as from a German perspective (structuring as a family partnership).

First, there is the joy of buying a property in Mallorca. But then come the numbers. If you are a German buying a property in Mallorca, you will also have to deal with many tax issues. And this is best done before the purchase contract is signed. It is often forgotten that not only the Spanish side has to be taken into account, but also the German side.

In order to discuss these and other questions of an investment on the island, the Mallorca Zeitung invites you to a seminar with the tax and legal office Plattes Group and the Berlin law firm Heussen Rechtsanwalts GmbH on 18 March from 9:30 am. Topic: Tax aspects of a property purchase on the island. It will deal with both private and commercial investments, taking into account all stages of the life cycle of a property.

Acquisition, Residence, Inheritance, Donation

Among other things, the Mallorca Zeitung auditorium will discuss which aspects need to be taken into account when acquiring property via partnerships, how Spain deals with the issue of residency and why one should think about handing over to the next generation even before buying.

The speakers at the event, which will take place at the Mallorca Zeitung Club in Palma, include German tax experts Dr Frank Grischa Feitsch and Dr Kerstin Linder from Heussen Rechtsanwalts GmbH, as well as Thomas Fitzner, Katharina Groth and Willi Plattes from the Plattes Group. The seminar language is German. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

Furthermore, several well-known island companies will be present at the free event with information offers: the real estate company Minkner & Partner, the Domus Vivendi Group, which specialises in real estate projects, the sales company for building elements Heim + Haus, the project management company Matrol, the property developer SR Ponent Mallorca, the provider of insulation products Isotec, the real estate company Private Property Mallorca and the outdoor kitchen manufacturer First BBQ House.

In addition to the seminar in Palma, there will be further events on the topic in Berlin (25.3.) and Munich (28.3.). Further information on the event and registration can be found here. The Private Property Mallorca team will be there in Palma and looks forward to your participation.


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